Beginner Program

This program is designed to introduce fencing to people who have never tried the sport before. We will teach one particular weapon of fencing (the sabre) to anyone over 10 years of age. We have a special program for those younger than 10 years please contact us to find out more.

Novice Program

If you have completed the beginner program, you qualify for the beginner program. You may now train as often as you wish and begin to experiment with competition. You are also invited to try taking private lessons with a master. You will continue to be a novice untill you are ready to begin guiding your own development (usually take about a year).

Private Program

This a special program for those who want more personal attention or are only available during the daytime. We offer two kinds of classes. There are classes that are the equivalent of the beginner program; these teach you the basics of the sport and let you know if you want to continue learning. Any novice fencer (from the regular or private program) may also book a private lesson during the day. Either way the classes are one hour long and must be booked in advance.
The Private Program is regrettable on hiatus right now. We don’t have any instructors available during the day since we are working hard to keep the doors open. Check back, we really want this program to get off the ground.

Summer Camps

We run a series of camps over the summer term. These camps encourage kids to explore the sport of fencing. There is a great balance of fun and learning — as well as some much needed exercise — to be had at these camps. We run 2 half-day camps each weekday during July and August. Follow the link above for more information.

Advanced Program

When you take charge of your own development, you are in the advanced program. You may choose to be a recreational or a competitive member, but you must meet certain requirements: try a few competitions, try taking a private lesson, purchase your own equipment, and finally, seek out other fencers at the club to free fence with. When you have met these requirements, you will be a full member of the club. Competitive members may even be eligible for discounted rates if they perform well.