Yes, unfortunately, there are costs to running a fencing club. Currently, the Beaches Sabre Club operates on a not-for-profit basis. This helps keep our fees to a minimum but there are always going to be expenses to pay. There are four types of fees (Club Membership, OFA, Group Lesson and Salle fees) that you will be expected to pay. Generally, fees are payable quarterly or annually. Some fees may be payable monthly upon request.


The following table will help you figure out what membership with Beaches is going to cost you. Most people will be paying the prime rates since this will give you the most access to instructors and other fencers to play with. It actually get cheaper if you sign up for the annual membership rather than paying for 4 seasons separately. Take a look.

(six week program, one class per week)

class type
Regular Classes
Private Program Classes
(weekday evenings or afternoons, Saturdays at noon)
(weekdays during the day)
(come as often as you like)
Season rate (3 months)
Annual rate

Check out our special deals below!

Different fencers have different needs; we try and get everyone the service they want for a price they like. While most members of the club just pay the base rates (i.e. $413.40 per season), there are some other options.

  • if you have completed the private beginner program, you may continue to book private lessons. You therefore won’t be required to pay for group lessons. Take a look at the private program for more info.
  • if you, for whatever reason, just want to come out and free fence, you also won’t pay for group lessons.
  • special consideration is being given to encourage our growing foil and epee programs. If you are an experienced fencer, ask us what kind of arrangements can be made.

We have a number of specials that we offer to encourage new members and reward old ones. Take a look and see if anything here applies to you:

  • When becoming a member, all family members get 50% off their salle fees
  • High performance fencers are eligable to have some or all of their fees waived (work hard for this one!)
  • Now comes the really good news. We have a bounty for recruiting new members. For every new fencer that you bring in to the club, we will reduce your membership fees. Rates vary depending on if it is a beginner or an experienced fencer that you recruit, but we will always make it worth your while. Just remember, if you want to get better at the sport, or if you just want to have fun, then you need new fencers to work with just as much as we need the new members.

The first fee is your club membership fee. This one gives you access to the club and allows you take private lessons and free fence. You can also join in our warm-up/soccer game. It also helps us make sure that you are kept up to date on rule changes, club activities and tournament postings.

If you are not a member of the Beaches Sabre Club (i.e. you belong to another club), you can expect that class and salle fees will be about double the member rate.

Monthly $25.00 plus GST
Quarterly $60.00 plus GST
Annually $200.00 plus GST

The second fee is for your membership in the Ontario Fencing Association. This fee is for insurance purposes and is mandatory.

If you don’t intend to compete, the fee is only $5.00 (included for beginners). A competitive membership is $50.00 for the year. It is recommended that all members get a competitive membership because competing is considered an essential part of your training. A Canadian Fencinf Federation licence is also required; it is $10.00/year.

The third fee is for our group lessons. These fees cover the cost of instruction. While not mandatory, they are highly recommended.

Our general instructional classes are a great way to train. You can join in our stretches, our footwork drills and the group lesson – all of them under the watchful eye of Nick or Jim. You will get direction and correction throughout each session.

There are two types of class fees. One fee is for beginners, which is more expensive because use of the equipment is included in the cost. The other fee is for novice, intermediate, and advanced fencers, which covers the cost of instruction. This fee is subject to non-member charges (see above).

Beginner Class Fees (6 classes – one class per week for six weeks)

$175.00 plus GST click here for more information

Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Class Fees (as many classes per week as you can handle)

Quarterly $90.00 plus GST (doubled for non-members)
Annually $300.00 plus GST (doubled for non-members)

The final fee is for the use of the facility. Since we now provide our own facility, we have a whole battery of additional costs to keep you fencing. Any fencer who wants to use the facility must pay this fee. This fee is also subject to non-member charges (see above).

Quarterly $240.00 plus GST (doubled for non-members)
Annually $850.00 plus GST (doubled for non-members)