The Private Program is regrettable on hiatus right now. We don’t have any instructors available during the day since we are working hard to keep the doors open. Check back, we really want this program to get off the ground.

We are introducing a new program for beginner fencers. Instead of taking a group class and coordinating your schedule with the other students, you can take a private class. This means that you will have a one-on-one session with an instructor. It also means you can take the classes whenever you want. Simply pay the fee and reserve a one-hour time slot that is convenient for you. All of your subsequent classes can be scheduled at whatever time you choose. The instructor will monitor you progress and tell you when you have graduated to the novice level. If you wish, you may continue on in the private program as a novice fencer. Here is the breakdown:

Initial Cost (beginner)
Subsequent Costs (novice)
Membership in Beaches
$909.50 per year
Price per lesson (1 hour each)

Unfortunately, the group classes will take priority for the instructors time. At this point, there are very few mid-day group classes. However, the evenings are quite busy so the private program will only be available before 4:30 PM.